As committed  we are offering the best service to our clients, Mu Programs India is committed to create the best workplace for our people . Coping with systems and processes and learning the various technicalities associated with client service protocols can be challenging to new entrants.

Understanding this Training sessions are designed around topics that are critical for personnel development and skill enhancement.



Skill Sets Experience Level
Android/iOS 4-6 yrs.
Android/iOS 1-3 yrs.
Java/NodeJS/ROR/AngularJS 4-6 yrs.
Java/NodeJS/ROR/AngularJS 1-3 yrs.
PHP/Python 4-6 yrs.
PHP/Python 1-3 yrs.
QA 4-6 yrs.
QA 1-3 yrs.
Dev-Ops 2-4 yrs.
Salesforce-Developer 4-6 yrs.

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